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Drainage Solutions

Residential drainage problems an issue that a lot of homeowners experience in Orlando, Fl. Due to land grading, soil composition, and other significant factors, drainage systems are often needed to keep landscapes and lawns from becoming flooded or over-saturated. Where poor drainage is an issue, yard drainage pros can resolve the issue with the right drainage system plan that will drive water away from yards and homes, so flooding is less of an issue. Various techniques can do this, so knowing which is the best method for a particular section of lawn or landscape calls for experienced drainage system services.

Drainage Problems
Water is vital for all living creatures; however, it could be very destructive when it flows. When residential property experiences drainage problems, water can be a nuisance and could actually a great deal of damage. Different drainage issues, including puddling, saturated soil, pooling, and even undirected downspout water, can destroy landscaping and turn a lovely backyard into a swamp. It likewise creates moisture and mold problems and can greatly damage home foundations; drainage is a serious matter when there is a problem. Drainage systems must be installed or fixed by drainage system companies, or the homeowner would end up dealing with worse residential drainage problems as time goes by.

Drainage Problems and Solutions​
Drainage Problems and Solutions​

Drainage Problems and Solutions

Not every drainage solution would work for every issue. There are several effective ways that water could be diverted away from homes and properties. With the help of expert drainage system services, like Orlando Sprinkler Repair, problems with drainage can be controlled or even eliminated.

The right drainage solution must be considered for each circumstance since there are a lot of factors that tell which drainage system is best for a particular property. What works in one area may not work in another. Homeowners who experience drainage issues can work with experienced drainage system companies to identify the problem and remedy it with a suitable drainage system!

Orlando Drainage Solutions

Most people can list down some bare minimum requirements for a healthy landscape: sunlight, good soil, and–of course–water. We at Orlando Sprinkler Repair have the right skills and experience to make sure that your lawn or yard is in tiptop condition. We also calculate the average rainfall, stormy seasons, as well as the water required to help your lawn or landscape flourish. Unfortunately, sometimes the water on your lawn causes more harm than good. Drainage problems can destroy an otherwise attractive and healthy landscape. Water flow issues can also cause hefty, unsightly damage to your property. Drainage problems impact many people in the Orlando area, and they struggle to keep their property looking beautiful.

At Orlando Sprinkler Repair, we create custom plans for drainage solutions for standing water and drainage solutions for low lying areas because water flow issues can come from different sources, including human error. A landscaper or your home’s former owner might have designed the lawn in a way that causes its own drainage issues. Drainage issues can also stem from the very environment itself. Certain soil types are more resistant than others in absorbing liquid, and heavy rainfalls can make the dirt too saturated to soak up all the excess water. Sometimes drainage repair could also involve making landscape modifications. Other times, installing a drainage system could be the only way to fix certain problems. Our team of qualified drainage experts can review your current drainage issue situation and design a custom solution for you.

Orlando Drainage Solutions​
Orlando Drainage Solutions​


Drainage solutions could involve rerouting water or handling the problem at its root source. Some causes of residential drainage problems include:

  • Improper grading (the slope of your lawn)
  • Low-points in your yard or lawn
  • Lack of outlets for excess water
  • Faulty sprinkler systems
  • High amounts of rainfall
  • High amounts of plant debris
  • Cracked or improperly installed gutters
  • Compacted soil

It can be a challenge for an average homeowner to determine the precise cause, or causes, of a drainage issue. Oftentimes, there are multiple sources for a single landscape’s water flow issue. Cracked gutters may leak a significant amount of water onto compacted soil that already has trouble with absorption. We usually hear a lot of homeowners ask, “Who to call for drainage problems in the yard?” or “What are the best yard drainage solutions near me?” At Orlando Sprinkler Repair, we offer a free consultation and assessment for the water flow problems plaguing your property. Once we identify the problem and determine a cost-effective, long-lasting solution, we can get to work fixing your drainage issues.


Drainage Solutions Orlando Florida

Why worry with Yard Drainage?

Improper yard drainage is arguably one of the most frustrating outdoor issues a homeowner has to experience. If your yard is not draining well, you might be having a slew of yard drainage problems. After all, you ought to have a property that is usable. Nevertheless, every time it rains, you would feel as though your lawn might become a swamp—and in the time it takes to completely dry out, another rain seems to already be looming again.

If you are experiencing water woes now or concerned about future ones, then you’re probably looking for sensible backyard drainage solutions. Fortunately, there are drainage solutions out there—as long as you can find an experienced contractor who really knows what you need.

You may hire a contractor to build a patio, and they might simply not have the experience or knowledge to know that adding hardscaping could potentially create drainage problems. Although you may have never experienced drainage problems before, the addition of a new patio can result to surface water problems.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a lawn and landscape contractor in Orlando, Florida, who really understands drainage and includes those solutions when they are needed. By choosing a reliable company that has your best interest at heart, and is not just out to underbid their competitors, you can feel assured and confident that you will not have to deal with water worries down the line. The last thing that you want is to have your beautiful landscape (or your home) destroyed by a big rainstorm since proper lawn drainage was never addressed. But by choosing wisely and carefully, water won’t have to be a worry.

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