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Do you have poor drainage in your property? Do you have wet spots in your yard that never seem to be dry? Do you have a pudding in your driveway or near the foundation of your home? Does heavy rain cause you to panic as you brace for the water to rise near the entrances of your house? Orlando Backyard drainage solution.

Drainage issues may cause serious problems for your property, landscape, and structures. Your home may be damaged, costing you large renovation bills and devaluation of the property. Problems like rot and mold can be quite a headache to fix and will continue to happen without proper drainage system in place.

Did we mention the muddy mess in the property? An absence of drainage can kill trees, plants, and your lawn, even away from the house. Flooded areas will be an unusable mess that can cause other health problems, such as mosquito breeding grounds–a nuisance that you do not want to create. Lack of backyard drainage can even cause severe erosion problems. Proper landscape drainage can reduce all of these complications, reduce your liabilities, and improve your quality of life.

Yard Drainage​
Yard Drainage​

Yard Drainage

We offer a number of types of drainage systems. We’ll never push a one-size-fits-all solution, but we will evaluate your property’s drainage concerns to customize the most suitable drainage system for you, whether it’s the drainage for garden or drainage for patio. As your trusted drainage contractors, our experts will deliver the best way to drainage away from the house for long-term effectiveness.

Hand-in-hand with erosion control solutions, drainage solutions, often require expert help from trusted drainage companies such as Orlando Sprinkler Repair. Our team can find a competent and creative solution to your erosion problems. Whether a drainage system is needed, new landscaping features such as a ground cover, or a bit of remediation, we’ll make sure that our professional team meticulously makes the best response.

Orlando Drainage

Do you live in an area with clay soil? If it does, both you and your neighbors may have problems with drainage. Clay soil keeps water better than silky or sandy soils because it is harder and less porous.

When homes are built, they get graded to allow the surface water to drain away. The water is directed to the brink of the stormwater drain. If you see surface water, there might be a problem with the system.

There are two options in your yard for surface drainage. First is to change the angle of your yard away from the structure of your home, correcting the too-flat gradient.

And second is the use of an underground drainage solution. This alternative involves building a large “soakaway” underground, where water filters down at a slow pace.

Orlando Drainage​
Orlando Drainage​

Yard Drainage Systems

High Water Table

Is there a question at your yard down to a high-water table? Perhaps the most common way to resolve this is by raising the ground level!

Another possible solution is to allow nature to give you a helping hand. We can add plants that are known to absorb water, to protect your natural soil from being flooded with water.

Hardpan Clay Layer

Is the clay situation really bad in your neighborhood? If so, gradient drainage systems are not ideal due to the costs. The common solution is to opt for an underwater drainage system.
This solution involves digging a trench to build a network of underground pipes. These pipes can move water away from the yard and in stormwater drains.

Next Steps

Call Orlando Sprinkler Repair to check your drainage system. Then we can give you a few alternatives to solve them and make your yard dryer for longer!

Yard Drainage Systems​
Yard Drainage Systems​

Drainage Orlando FL

Orlando has almost perfect weather, but we have winter storms, and heavy rains are coming with them. These rains can wreak havoc on roads and cause floods across the county, including in many residential yards. Homeowners living in low floodplains may experience flooding in their yards, but they may also inundate their homes without proper drainage systems in place.

There are numerous types of residential drainage systems that can help owners who wish to protect their homes during the wet season. Backyard drainage systems involve surface drainage, subsurface applications, dirt and gutters, and sloping systems.

Surface Drainage Systems

The majority of surface drainage applications can be found in residential and business properties. They are what you suspect; surface canals built to redirect water away from landscaping and property. Surface drainage needs parallel ditches to be dug and led into main drainage systems to remove water from the landscaping and property.

Surface drainage can be arranged by homeowners but is better designed by landscaping professionals to ensure that the right type of drainage system for the property is in place. They are helpful near-flat areas where water is consistently pooled.

Subsurface Drainage Systems

Subsurface drainage systems are installed below the top layer of soil and help remove excess water from soil that would typically become waterlogged and pool water during heavy rainfall.

Drainage Near Me

Downspout and Gutter Systems

Rain gutters work best to direct the flow of water and debris, so they don’t run around the foundation or build up in low areas, eventually entering the home or damaging the outer stucco. Downspouts lead the water away from home and should lead to an outdoor drainage system so that it is not just dumping in the yard.

Slope Drainage Systems

Sloping drainage systems are built on a downward angle slope and anchored into a property’s natural slope to assist in removing excess water that could potentially flood a homeowner’s property and yard.  

Who Installs Residential Drainage Systems?

Most drainage contractors can design and set up the correct home drainage system for your home. Setting up a new system or replacing an existing or failing system can be budget-friendly, and all of this depends on the infrastructure and design of your lawn. Call us today so we can assess which drainage for lawn will work best for you.

Drainage Near Me​
Drainage Near Me​

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